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“Every day of your life is a product of the way you have thought” (Ramtha)

If the above quote is true, what are you creating with your thoughts right now? Are you saying things like “I never have enough money or time or love”?

If thoughts do create, what thoughts would create a reality that you would love?

Imagine a situation where you are in a job you dislike and you want a job that would suit you better. You have a choice of various thought patterns.

Thoughts like “My boss is a jerk, this job is tedious, I hate this place” keep you in a “Stuck” frame of mind and will keep you trapped in this situation.

Thoughts like “I have to get away!” offer some movement, but the focus is still on the situation you’re trying to escape. These thoughts are energy-draining and actually perpetuate the negative situation. When your thoughts are focused on what you don’t want, you are in an “Away” frame and when you go into an interview feeling dragged down by such thoughts, it shows in subtle ways and affects how you are perceived.

In contrast, you can decide to focus on positive thoughts like, “I’m going to use the experiences in my current job to learn things I want to know for my next job, including helping my boss deal with his or her challenges” and “Every interview is getting me closer to finding a job where I can truly fulfill my calling”. These thoughts propel you to your goal. They are energy-giving because they put you in a “To” frame.

When you go to an interview with positive future-oriented thoughts, your energy and positive mindset are clearly visible in your body language and tone, and this greatly increases your chances of success.

Your thoughts express in subtle ways and they either keep you stuck in a negative place or propel you to ever expanding future opportunities.

Notice your thoughts.
Rewrite negative thoughts into positive ones.
Practice repeating those positive thoughts.
Notice the effect that positive thoughts have on your energy level and mood.
Notice how events in your life also change as you move into a positive frame of mind.

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