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“I am ready to discover the great wealth of wisdom and courage that is within me”

Many years ago, during my evening meditation, I would sometimes imagine going to a beautiful spot at the edge of a river. There was a rock just in front of a very old tree, and sitting on that rock was my guru – my spiritual teacher. I would go an sit at his feet. Sometimes I would just sit in silence, feeling peaceful in his presence. Other times I would ask a question - and I would always receive an answer.

Years later, when I studied Life Coaching, I learned about a technique called "The Mentor's Table" in which you have your client envision sitting with a wise mentor, asking this mentor a question and listening for the answer. This mentor can be anyone - living or dead, imagined or real. It could be an expert in any field, your grandmother, your childhood teddy bear, a famous author - anyone who you feel would have the answer.

It's a very powerful technique in which you realize that you have within yourself a deep inner wisdom. And when you quiet the mental chatter and sit in silence, you can access that wisdom.

Envisioning your mentor and the place where you can meet helps you create a place to return to whenever you need guidance. For some, it may be a sea side or a mountain top; for others it may be a cave or a distant planet. At times, you may imagine your mentor walking beside you, and you may access support, reassurance and guidance at any time and in any place.

This mentor is, in fact, your own self. It’s the part of you that can step out of the immediate situation and emotions and see a bigger picture from a calm perspective. It can take into account other people’s feelings and come up with options that will be fair to everyone.

If your mind tends to be in a constant state of chatter, it may take some practice to sit in silence and listen for the deeper wisdom. But once you have heard that voice, you will realize its worth.

Write down a current situation that is challenging for you.
Then sit in silence, close your eyes and envision a wise mentor.
Imagine asking a specific question about that challenge and wait for the answer.
Ask other questions as they arise.
When done, thank your mentor, return and write down your insights.

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