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Articles -- I will honor my needs

“I can only help others after my own needs are met. And so, in this space, I commit to honoring and taking care of my needs.”

As you move into a self-coaching mode, it’s important to give yourself permission to work towards your own personal happiness and to make that a priority

This is not selfishness. It’s self-care.

In an aircraft, you are told to put your own mask on before you help anyone else, and this applies to life in general. If you are over-tired or over-stressed, it will affect every aspect of your life and will also affect everyone you have contact with.

If you are healthy, fit an rested, you will be better able to be kind and helpful towards others; and if you are happy, that happiness is contagious.

Time management
You may set up a weekly time to work on your personal goals and then find that other things get in the way. And the weeks go by without any progress. Creating that time slot and sticking to it can be a major challenge. But if you manage to get to work on time or take your child to school on time, you can manage to fit in one hour of personal self-coaching a week and commit to making progress towards your goals during the week.

Write down your self-coaching commitments and keep track of your progress. You may want to find an accountability partner who will call you out if you start to slip.

There will be challenges, and you may miss some sessions, but it’s important to keep trying. It is possible to honor your responsibilities and take care of yourself as well.

Down time
An important part of your self-coaching program will be to take care of your basic need for down time – i.e. time to do whatever renews and revitalizes you. For some it’s relaxing with a book, for others it might be going for a bike ride. This will have to be a regular part of your week and every bit as important as your self–coaching schedule.

At first you may think that adding personal goals to your already busy life just creates more stress. But when you have an inspired goal, you will be infused with a sense of well-being and renewed energy. Inspiration will make the impossible achievable.

What specific day and time will I commit to my coaching sessions?
What activities or hobbies do I find rejuvenating?
What day and time will I commit to these?
How will I track my adherence to this schedule?

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