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Articles -- Just for fun

There are things we have to do, and things that we do to reach our long-term goals, and things we feel we should do, and things that we are pressured to do by friends and relatives. But do we ever allow ourselves time to do things that we want to do ‘just for fun’ - things that appear to serve no purpose whatsoever?

I’ve always been a rather ‘driven’ person, always focusing on a long-term goal and moving towards it with determination. But now I’m drawing fairies and elves. My ‘excuse’ was because I wanted to learn how to use PhotoShop and draw things entirely from scratch with no borrowing from other images. But quite honestly, I’m just doing this because it’s such fun to draw images of an imaginary realm.

I must admit, I do keep asking myself, “What am I going to use these pictures for? A book? Posters? Greeting cards? Computer screen backdrops?” But, somehow, I delight in the idea that I’m just doing this “for the fun of it”.

If you allowed yourself time to do something ‘just for the fun of it’, what would it be?

Will you allow yourself the time?

Why is this important to you?

I do it because it makes me happy, and that’s all the reason I need…

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