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Articles -- Letting go

My favorite book is "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse. Itís about a young Brahmin in India who is seeking enlightenment. He realizes that of all the Brahmins he knows, not one has attained enlightenment, so he leaves his home and goes from one place to another, one lifestyle to another - from living with the ascetics in the woods, to becoming a wealthy man - until after many years of seeking in vain he despairs, ready to end it all.

But in that moment of despair, something changes inside of him. The simple act of letting go opens up a new freedom. From that moment he simply flows with the tide of life, without longing or struggle. He ends up becoming apprentice to a ferryman and lives a simple life by the river, learning more from the river than he ever did from all the spiritual teachers of his past.

This is how it is with so many of us. We strive for one thing after another, struggling and fighting against whatever we are faced with. So often we feel the need to 'push the river' instead of finding a place where it will propel us into new and unexpected possibilities.

The simple act of letting go changes everything. It allows you to accept what is, feel gratitude and open up to new adventures.

Whenever you are faced with what looks like a roadblock, don't react immediately. Resist the urge to start pushing and fighting. Instead, step back and reassess your options. For a moment, let go of that focused determination, and open up to a broader perspective.

Ask yourself: What might you do if you were a completely different person?

Imagine you were about to surprise everyone (even yourself!) and take an unexpected and exhilarating path.

Allow your imagination to explore as many options as possible and notice which choice feels most in tune with the universe and with your true self.

Making that choice may take some courage, but as soon as you 'let go', all will become easy.

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