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Imagine you had many lifetimes - hundreds of them. And over the course of these lifetimes, you could be many different types of person. In your past lifetimes, you may have been male, female, rich, poor, gentle, aggressive, famous, ordinary, etc. Imagine if all the experiences in these lifetimes have influenced and created who you are today.

What if each time you leave one lifetime you take stock of where you are and where you want to go, not in terms of material things but in terms of developing as a person in accordance with your deepest values. You can choose where you want to be, who your family will be and what friends and opportunities will be available to you.

Just for fun, imagine what you would choose if you had to do this right now. Come up with something off the top of your head. Don't think. Just say "I would come back as a ..., I would live... My relatives and friends would be..." Do this now! Write it down.

When I first did this many years ago, I decided that "I would be a female jazz singer, working in a cozy little bar in New Orleans. John would be the piano player and Bob would be the bartender." (John is my partner in this lifetime and Bob is a dear old friend of ours). In my scenario, I didn't want to be rich or famous. I just wanted to work in this little bar, surrounded by my dearest friends.

The first thing you come up will give you an idea of the mood (or feeling) that you are looking for. There is also an underlying need that you want to fulfill. For me it was being surrounded by gentle caring people.

Your scenario will also reveal a personal growth area. You may want to become more confident, more out-going, more generous, or more spontaneous. My scenario suggests that I want to be able to express my feelings in song.

This exercise might give you some insight into what you're ready to give up and what you want to embrace moving forward. My personal scenario suggests that I want to let go of driving ambition and be more relaxed and emotionally expressive.

A dream is never wasted. It not only lifts your spirits, but it opens you up to possibilities. No matter where you are in this lifetime, there are always opportunities to make small changes that take you closer to where your heart wants to go. Even little things like a change of hairstyle or clothes can help you move into a new way of being. And once you've done that, new doors will start to appear.

You don't have to wait for the next lifetime. You can create yourself anew every day.

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