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There are times when you know you need to change some aspect of your life - for example, your career, life style, relationship, health. etc. But when you look at all the possible pitfalls, it can appear so ominous that you are afraid to move forward. It’s like facing a long mountain climb, with many dangerous narrow ridges to walk, with sheer drops, sometimes on both sides.

But there is a way to move forward, and the secret is to move forward very gradually - i.e. take one step at a time. And with each step, take time to reassess, rebalance and plan the next step of your path as you go.

You may feel fear when you think of your overall journey, but there is no fear in just the next tiny step, so focus on only that step. Commit to only that step. And celebrate your progress with each advance.

For example if you want to pursue a professional qualification, you can start by gathering information on the various institutions offering courses towards that qualification. Don’t think about how you’re going to manage the time or expense. Those worries might make you give up before you’ve given your dream a chance. Just focus on doing some information gathering. Take one step at a time. When you’ve done that, feel proud of your progress so far, take a break, and then focus on the next step.

Whatever your end goal, allow each sub-goal to be your focus, to be enjoyed and to give you a sense of accomplishment when completed.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, say to yourself... “One step...”

Write down your next ‘big goal’.
Imagine a timeline and that goal is far away at the end of a long winding path.
Now look down at the path just in front of you.
Ask yourself, “What is the small step that will take me just a little bit nearer to where I want to be?”
Then... commit to taking just that one small step...

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