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Articles -- One word

Some people use affirmations. I like to use single words, like “Gratitude”, “Love”, “Peace”, “Joy”, etc. It’s a reminder of how I want to be in any given moment. It’s often just good advice. Like if I’m feeling stressed, I may repeat “Peace’, or if I’m feeling frustrated about a health issue, I might say, “Acceptance” or “Trust” or “Patience”.

Imagine you’re a boat and the wind and current will move you in a particular direction but you can adjust your sails and rudder to fine tune where you prefer to go. Similarly, a situation can affect you in vastly different ways. And often, all it takes is one word to make a difference. Sometimes, “Humor” is the word you need, or “Perspective”. There are no limits to the words that may help you move into a more positive and productive state of mind.

If you’re working on developing a particular character trait, you may want to stick with a specific word for a while, like “Confidence”. After a while, you might have to use its opposite (“Humility”) just to make sure you remain balanced. Keep in mind that all traits are important and useful in different situations. Balance is crucial. (“Gentleness” and “Assertiveness” are another example of opposite traits that need to be kept in balance).

This can be a very creative and powerful practice.

What word do you need right now?

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