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Do you find yourself confronting the same challenges over and over again? Well, perhaps those challenges are not negative things to be avoided, but important signs to be attended to.

It may be a situation that repeats, like confrontations with similar types of people. It may be headaches, depression, anxiety or physical illness. It may be repeated failures at work or school.

Whenever you feel annoyed or frustrated by recurring challenges, first change your attitude towards the challenge. Instead of saying, “Damn! I’ve failed another course” or “I hate these headaches!”, say, “Oh! What is this trying to tell me?” and “What do I need?”

By feeling open to and grateful for the warning sign, you are redefining it as something positive and helpful. And when you address the issue, it is likely that the challenge will fade into a distant memory.

If you have been failing at school or work, you may need a change of direction. If you are besieged by headaches, depression or physical illness, you may need a change of lifestyle, some alone time, a new interest, etc.

Whenever something seemingly negative happens, don’t fight it. Instead, sit up and pay attention to it. Sometimes it’s a worry and all it needs is reassurance or some cautionary measures. Other times, a complete change of direction is needed.

Here are the steps:

  1. Notice when something negative comes up (internal or external).
  2. Welcome it as an important sign.
  3. Ask, “What is this trying to tell me?”
  4. Ask, “What do I need?”
  5. Find a way to fulfill that need.

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