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Articles -- Step into joy

Many people struggle with the question "What is my purpose in life? What will bring me a feeling of joy and fulfillment?" They struggle to find the perfect career, relationship, possessions, in hopes that these will bring joy.

For years, I hopped from career to career and from project to project. Every new project or career was at first fulfilling but eventually became routine and boring.

In time, I came to realize that there is no specific situation that contains this magical thing called 'joy' or 'happiness'. Instead, joy is a state of being that one can hold throughout the journey. One can experience joy even during a time when you are frustrated with a situation, because within that frustration is the heartbeat of life.

You don't need anything external to be joyful. You can simply step into that feeling. It's so simple...

     If you want to be joyful, just BE joyful now.

The Joy Visualization: Close your eyes. Take a slow, deep breath, imagining you are breathing in "joy". Let it fill your lungs and spread throughout your body. As you exhale, imagine joy radiating in waves extending outwards. Feel it ignite a passion for living. Allow other feelings to come forward, and when they do, listen to them with compassion. BE fully with them, hug them, and then slowly bring them into the warm radiance of joy.

When joy becomes your "way of being", the rest of your life will unfold without any effort. You will experience life in all its depth and richness, and the state of joy will remain constant.

You already have joy. Embrace it now, and dance the dance of your heart. Your purpose in life is simply the journey and you're already on that journey.

Step into joy and take every step with a joyful heart.

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