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Articles -- That peaceful place

Summer is usually the time of year when we get outside more often. We go out for walks and bike rides, enjoy the garden. It's the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors.

My husband and I used to go camping on a little island on Lake Saranac. The campsites were so spread out that you rarely saw anyone else for the whole time there. I remember how it felt gathering wood, building a fire to cook our food (it tasted fabulous!) and then washing up in the lake. We didn't hunt or gather food, but it still gave me an idea of what it would be like to live close to nature and it seemed so much more peaceful than city life.

It also gave me time to enjoy sitting in silence and watching the sun set over the lake. Tuning into nature this way instilled a deep sense of peace, which I felt the whole time we were there.

When I returned, that peacefulness would remain for a while. I carried it inside myself like a treasure.

Nowadays, I try to keep that sense of peace through daily meditation and by pausing once in while, taking a deep breath and calming my body and my mind. When I do this, I am sometimes aware of many emotions and worries vying for attention. I can picture them like children jumping up and down waving. When I notice this, I ask them each to take a turn and tell me what is worrying them. I deal with their concerns with patience and love. I hold on to my peacefulness and if I'm successful, they will calm down and peace will prevail.

I'm not always successful. Sometimes, I get taken in by the drama, and then peac is lost for a while. Ah well. This is what life is about - getting lost in the rapids once in a while. But I don't want to stay there for too long. That's why I meditate every night - to return to that treasured place of peace.

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