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Articles -- The call to creativity

Were you born with the gift of creativity? Were you drawn to the arts (music, writing, painting, dance, design, etc.)?

So many gifted people have been told by well-intentioned parents and teachers that they cannot make a living doing what they love. Many have given in to the pressure and struggled to get a ‘real job’; and then lived for the weekends when they could loose themselves in their creative activities. And even worse, some have given up their artistic pursuits. But without these activities, these people feel numb and empty.

Do you have such a gift? Do you feel it’s time to admit the fact that creativity is more than just a passing whim, and that it is truly an expression of who you truly are? And do you feel that it is your life purpose to BE that person?

The first and most important thing to do is acknowledge who you are. Say “I AM a writer (or painter or violinist, or whatever), and carry that image of yourself – your true self – all the time. From that place of BEING, all things will follow.

What about the negative voices in your head that shout… “You need to earn a living!” “Everyone will think you’re crazy!” “What about your responsibilities?”

Those voices are actually trying to protect you and they are good, but you don’t have to let them shut you down entirely. Instead, collaborate with them to find a viable solution. You may not become a full-time writer, artist, or whatever immediately, but when you hold the vision of who you truly are, every step will take you closer to that goal.

Here are some ideas that people I have coached have come up with…

You might dedicate specific time slots during every week for your creative activity, and start to earn some income from this; but keep your day-job until you can ensure a reasonable living from your art.

Find opportunities to mingle with creative people - workshops, courses, etc. Also, associate with people who support your most inspired vision of who you are becoming.

You might explore jobs where you can use your creative skills. For example, teaching art to children, setting up writing workshops, or doing graphic design for web development teams.

If you need further education to pursue a more creative career, you might develop a plan to obtain the qualifications you need and set up a concrete timeline.

Your path will be unique to you. Start by creating the vision of who you truly are. Constantly hold that vision and, as you take steps that align with your vision, every step of the way will be inspired and joyful.

Write an “I AM... “ statement that clearly defines who you truly are.
Place that statement where you will see it every day.
Outline a few small steps that will allow you to express more of your creative side.
Find a friend who will support and encourage you on your “journey to yourself”.

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