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Articles -- The song

"Don't die with the song still in you."

Why are we so afraid to sing our true song? Fear of disapproval? Ridicule? Do we even admit to ourselves what our true song is? Perhaps you don't know what your song is.

But think about what you love to do, what comes naturally, what you can get lost in. You may enjoy outdoors activities, creative endeavors, problem solving, building things.

Imagine you were given a chance to create yourself anew. What would you be? A dancer? A poet? An explorer?

It may take some time for you to find this 'hidden' image of yourself. When you find it, you will feel a surge of energy.

What is it about that imagined persona that is appealing to you?

Now… How can you bring a little bit of that into your life now - yes, now!

Get creative. There is a way to move just a little bit closer to your true self and to sing your song… softly at first, then with increasing confidence.

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