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Articles -- The 'total you' makeover

A couple of years back, I said to a friend, "I have to get a new hairstyle; I look in the mirror and it's just not me." Well, I was talking to the right person. My friend is a makeover genius. We spent weeks experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup, clothes and accessories. It was pure fun.

But in that fun, I had a chance to reflect on what I was really up to.

I had become bored with my life and my self. I was trying to open up a part of myself that had not had a chance to express. Here I was wearing boring conventional clothes with a boring conventional hairstyle, when inside there was a rebel wanting to come out. The punk hairstyle was just the thing. But this was coupled with some classy clothes as well. A classy rebel - perfect!

Another thing I discovered is that the makeover work can involve all aspects of your life - career, personality, appearance, relationships, etc. My recent retirement from the nine-to-five working world opened up new avenues for more creative endeavors. Aside from Life Coaching, I also became an illustrator of children's stories and a web-designer, and helping a friend in Spain with her online transformational creativity game.

And still another realization was that the makeover goes on forever, because you're always changing and the ability to respond to the changes you feel inside keeps that spark and excitement alive.

The thing I like best about the concept of the makeover is that it is a fabulously creative process. Imagine stepping into a 'total you makeover' parlor. There are a number of separate cubicles, each dedicated to different aspects of 'you' and your life.

The process for each area starts with producing a vision board, where you play with images of what you would find most fulfilling in that aspect of your life. You can spend time trying on different possibilities until you find something that truly resonates with you - something that makes you feel vibrant and joyful. Then the transformation begins - planning, following through, assessing, tweaking.

Young people do this all the time. This is why the university atmosphere is so charged with energy. But as we get older, we tend to sink into a rut and that causes us to become listless and bored. Change is what brings excitement and energy to our lives. Make a habit of asking yourself, "Who will I be today? What will I do that's new? What have I not tried yet?" Get creative. Join a dancing class, piano lessons, art classes or yoga. There are a million possibilities. Then dress the part to help you really feel and express the new 'you'.

I like to assume that it's our job to find things to enjoy in this lifetime. And experimenting with different ways of being is one way to enjoy the experience. You can be whoever you want to be and you can change who you are whenever you wish.. What feels right for you now?

A project for you...
Choose an area of your life or yourself (career, personality, appearance, relationships, etc.) and start to collect pictures that inspire you (from magazines or google/images). Then create a vision board with an appropriate title (e.g. "The new me" or "My Greatest Career" or "Healthy me") and paste the pictures that inspire you the most. This is the first step in creating a more vibrant and joyful you. Then start to bring that vision into reality!

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