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Articles -- Vision quest

Every person is born with a gift and their purpose in life is to give that gift to the world. A gift can take many forms. You may be born with a gift for music and your purpose is to play that music for others. Or you may have a gift for the sciences and your purpose is to make discoveries that will benefit the world.

When you realize your own special gift and live your life expressing and enhancing that gift, you feel energetic, purposeful and joyful.

When you are not living your purpose, you feel listless, uninspired and miserable. And you may do all kinds of things to cover up those feelings. You may watch TV, go to parties, over-eat, over-work, or some of us just sleep a lot because we're always tired. The truth of the matter is that when you are not living your purpose, you are, in fact, fighting it or burying it - and that takes a lot of energy.

Many of us do not know what our gift is or how to use it in order to make it truly fulfilling.

In many of the older cultures, a young person, under the guidance of a Shaman, will go on a "Vision Quest" to discover his or her path in life. Most of us do not have this opportunity, but there are a couple of ways to help you start on your vision quest.

Think back to when you were a very young child - before school-age. What did you love to do (something that came easily and naturally to you)? What was your special gift as a child?

Now think back over the course of your life to moments when you were truly enjoying yourself. Then, find the common thread. Is it "being with people", "exploring', "inventing", "building", etc.? What is your passion in life?

To follow one's passion sometimes takes courage, especially if you've spent your entire life trying to live up to other people's expectations. But when you have clarity about what is truly important to you, it starts to become obvious that moving towards that vision is worth any amount of criticism. In fact, moving towards that vision is the only thing that brings you energy, purpose and joy.

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