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Every endeavor starts with a vision, and the clearer the vision, the higher the chance of success. This is why visualization is one of the most powerful processes used in life coaching.

This process of envisioning your goal and noticing how it would feel to be there helps you to adjust and enhance your vision to create an irresistibly motivating goal.

The Process

1. State a positive goal
Ask yourself, "What is it that I want?" Make sure that you state your goal in the positive. For example, if you said, "I want to stop smoking", figure out what you hope to gain from that. You may want to get (and remain) healthy. Or if you said you want to stop eating junk food, you may be doing it to loose weight and to look and feel great. Or your goal may already be stated in the positive, like "I want to be in an exciting career."

2. Envision yourself in that situation
Once you have stated your goal, visualize yourself being in that positive place. For example, you might envision yourself looking slim, fit and healthy, enjoying an active life, or being in an exciting career. Imagine getting up in the morning, looking forward to the great day ahead. Notice how you feel when you envision this, and notice your energy level.

3. Adjust your vision
Imagine some of the things you would be experiencing during the day. Notice any things you might want to adjust to make your vision truly inspirational.

4. Extend to other areas of your life
Envision how having that goal may affect other areas of your life (relationships, family, friends). Adjust your vision to ensure that all the important areas of your life are fulfilling and joyful.

5. Enhance your vision
What interests and activities might you want to add to your life?

6. Adjust
Throughout this process, continue to adjust your vision to make it even more compelling.

7. Become that person
Imagine stepping into that vision and becoming that person. Experience how it feels to be that person. Then, as you come out of the visualization, step out as the new you.

During the days that follow, hold your vision in your mind and continue to feel you are the person in that vision. Imagine that your goal already exists and all you have to do is continue to move towards it. Make small changes in your life to move closer to your vision.

Focusing on the goal and feeling as if your goal already exists is a powerful way of drawing yourself to that goal because your actions will start to align with that vision.

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