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Articles -- Watch your thoughts

Watch your thoughts - like a hawk - especially those that go speeding through. They are the saboteurs - old thoughts, childhood stuff, old pain, old fears.

Listen to all those old mind patterns. Don’t dismiss them. They each have a gift as well as a limitation.

For example, when confronted with the possibility of change, you may catch the thought, “Don’t go there! It’s dangerous!” This voice may be a pattern you have picked up in childhood, and now it rules your life. It’s not really bad. It offers the gift of caution - it enjoys the cozy safe places. But it shuts down the voice of courage and adventure. So the work you need to do is to establish a balance. Reassure this part as you go out in stages into a broader life. Be gentle and patient as you grow this part up. But never lose the treasure. Safety is good, but so is courage and exploration. Accommodate each side to create a healthy balance.

You may discover a workaholic thought pattern that continually insists, “Gotta be the best! Have to get everything done in record time”. There is a gift here too - it can accomplish a great deal. But this side needs to be tempered with the need for relaxation. Again, there is a need to find a healthy balance.

Each of us has our own personal tendencies. Some of us are inclined to adventure, leaving caution behind. Some have abandoned their ambitious side. It’s only when you catch your habitual thoughts that you discover ‘who’ is driving your behavior.

Who is in the driver’s seat?
Every one-sided inclination is a tyrant if allowed to dominate. It’s important to step back and check ‘who’ is controlling your behavior. If you habitually push yourself to succeed, you may have blocked that quiet little voice that says, “I need to take a break”.

When you continually ignore those quiet little voices - those forgotten disowned parts - they eventually find ways of making themselves heard in disruptive ways like seemingly irrational outbursts, emotional breakdowns or illness.

Every voice inside of you needs to be heard and honored. By noticing your habitual patterns and then listening for the opposite side - the soft little voices - you are progressing on the path to wholeness. And when you bring your whole being into balance, you will then be able to open up to a broader range of possibilities and fulfill your true potential.

Develop a habit of noticing your thoughts.
Which thought-patterns stop you from doing things that would allow you to grow?
What reassurance will you give that part of you, so that you can move ahead with comfort?

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