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Articles -- You are unique

We often get caught up in comparing ourselves with others. If someone else is good at something, we think we should be good at it too. So we struggle away, and end up being mediocre at something we donít really enjoy.

But if you would stop wasting your time trying to be good at things you donít enjoy, you would have more time to develop skills in areas where you are gifted. And this is where you will truly shine.

In essence, Iím suggesting you stop trying to be someone else and step into who you truly are - at your best.

Imagine you were famous for something. What would that be? Are you creative? A problem solver? A counselor? A builder? A designer?

You have a special gift and itís your job to discover that gift and give it to the world.

Donít be afraid if what you love to do sounds crazy or seems pointless. Everything has value. The more you do of what you love, the more opportunities will arise. Take the courage to be true to yourself and do what you love - no matter how crazy it may seem. Even if you do it as a hobby, if you give it all youíve got, there is no telling where it will lead.

Donít hide. Talk to others about your passion. Share the joy. This can open doors in unexpected ways. Iíve had so many different hobbies and projects - drawing, writing, web design, etc. And Iíve used those skills in many different projects. A friend of mine loves fashion and helps her friends with makeovers - just for the fun of it.

A famous example of someone who did what he loved is Bill Cunningham, who would go out on the streets of New York, take impromptu pictures of people and put them into collages which expressed the life and fashions of New York at the time. They became a popular regular feature in the New York Times for years.

You donít have to become famous. When you do what you love, the joy is its own reward. Discover your unique self and celebrate!

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