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Articles -- Your special gift

Every one of us has a special gift, and a drive to give that gift to the world. It may take a while to figure out what that gift is, but it is worth the effort because you will never feel truly happy or fulfilled until you are expressing your own special talent.

Chopin was aware of his gift at an early age, but this is rare. For most of us, its a lifelong quest. You may ask, Am I a composer, a designer, a technical person? But thinking about job titles may not be the best approach.

You may have difficulty figuring out what your gift is because its so simple. For example, your gift might be the ability to empathize with others, or the ability to organize things or to stay cheerful in challenging times. These are powerful gifts that can be useful in many different contexts at work and at home.

In fact, you probably have a combination of gifts and so the challenge is to discover your many gifts and then to figure out what jobs, hobbies and social settings will allow you to express these gifts as fully as possible. This process is best seen as an evolution. Let go of the idea of reaching an ultimate state. Start to express your talents in stages, gradually moving towards a more and more fulfilling life.

So what will you do today to find and express your own special talents?

  1. You may start by noticing what you enjoy doing and find ways to do more of that. For example, if you enjoy walking in the woods, do more of that. The joy you gain from doing what you love will touch all those you interact with, at home and at work because joy is contagious.

    Doing more of what you love will affect every aspect of your life

  2. Go deeper. Ask yourself, What is it about this activity that I love and how can I enhance the enjoyment even more? For example, if you enjoy the woodland scenes, perhaps you would like to draw or photograph or write about this. If you enjoy the exercise, perhaps you would like to go mountain climbing or biking. If you enjoy the silence and peacefulness, perhaps you would like to meditate in the woods or camp there for a few days. You might get really creative and make an art of building tree houses!

    Building on your enjoyment encourages you to develop your talents

  3. Once you are doing something you can get lost in, you have found one of your talents. The next step is to think about how this might be shared with others. Sharing your hotographs with friends, self-publishing your writings, organizing biking or camping trips, teaching meditation - or teaching others how to build tree houses!

    Finding your joy is wonderful. Sharing it enhances it even more

  4. 4. At this point, it can be an iterative process of exploring new interests, discovering new talents and adding new activities. Its an on-going journey as you unfold new gifts.

    Developing new talents keeps your life fresh and exciting

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