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Being held in a gentle space This article helps you to set up a 'coaching space' for yourself, a place where you can coach yourself to a more fulfilling and joyful life. I am OK When you get stuck in the mode of self-criticism, you stifle your growth. If instead, you acknowledge each of your current traits as valuable and worthy, you are giving yourself permission to continue to adapt and grow. I will honor my needs If you are healthy, fit an rested, you will be better able to be kind and helpful towards others; and if you are happy, that happiness is contagious. I am the only one who knows my true goals in life When is it time to turn inwards and ask ourselves what we would truly like to do? Ask yourself, “If anything was possible and I could have anything and do anything I wanted, what would I be doing? What skills would I develop? Who would I be?” I have all the resources to make my dream happen This article provides a method in which you can discover you own inner wisdom, to provide you with both inspiration and practical guidance in helping you move towards your ideal life. Change is not only possible, but inevitable There are natural cycles in every aspect of life, and each part of that cycle provides both challenges and opportunities for growth. Being in the moment What if once in a while, you just stepped out of the constant stream of thoughts and looked around at 'now'... Reframing Some people seem to be able to smile and see the bright side of any situation. Holding my own hand One of the biggest challenges in life is letting go of any concern for other people's rules and expectations and living according to your own values... Enjoying the journey I have spent most of my life leaping from one achievement to another, without ever taking the time to enjoy the journey. This article provides some relection and practical steps that may help you to live more in the moment and enjoy your journey. Relationships Relationships are central in all aspects of our lives. How we relate to our colleagues at work, our family at home and every casual contact can make our life joyful or miserable. When I think of people who excel in relationship skills, I see three main characteristics: Inner security, empathy, and a sesnse of humor. A day for me This article outlines the importance of allowing yourself time to do things you enjoy, and provides some hints on how to design and stick to your personal self-care program. Potential / Passion / Purpose If you are finding that every year is pretty much a repeat of the one before, perhaps it's time to do the Potential-passion-purpose exercise to help you discover something new that will renew your motivation and energy. Your true goal Life is a continual process of pursuing one goal after another, but those goals are transitory. Your true goal is a state of mind in which there is no inner struggle, no regret and no worry It is a place where you are living fully in the moment, with trust, peace and joy. Perspectives The ability to take a broader perspective helps us to live in more harmony and peace. But how can we do this more consistently in our lives? The law of attraction "You attract into your life whatever you think about", BUT affirmations often do not work. This article introduces your inner Saboteur/Protector and describes how you can enlist its help in achieving abundance in your life. Path to wholeness Emotional outbursts or thoughtless comments can so often ruin our chances of a promotion, mess up a relationship or just plain get in the way of our happiness. Where do these impulses come from? What part of ourselves are not being heard? And how can we acknowledge and deal with these feelings more effectively? Your theme song We all have a theme song in our life that affects how we think and how we live. This article helps you to discover your own theme song, determine its positive and negative aspect and modify it to serve you better. Three brains Did you know that you have three brains? Four, if you count the left and right hemisphere as separate. This article describes how the Survival brain, Emotional brain and Visioning brain interact, and how you might elicit insights from your Deeper Wisdom to help find solutions to stressful situations in your life. That peaceful place Being out in nature can be so relaxing, but how can we maintain that sense of peace when we're back into our usual rushed life? Play Have you ever noticed the endless energy that children have when they are at play? How can we rediscover the art of play and reconect to that flow of energy? Lifetimes What if you had many lifetimes - hundreds of them. What would you choose to be and do in your next lifetime? Qi Gong Qi Gong is a practice that helps you restore and maintain health and vitality. The practice involves not only exercise and meditation, but your entire lifestyle and mental/emotional attitude. Visualization Every endeavor starts with a vision, and the clearer the vision, the higher the chance of success. This is why visualization is one of the most powerful processes used in life coaching. This process of envisioning your goal and noticing how it would feel to be there helps you to adjust and enhance your vision to create an irresistibly motivating goal. Find the gift "The universe always brings you exactly what you need in order to grow." If you accepted that statement, how would it change your attitude towards challenges you may be facing? Letting go We strive for one thing after another, struggling against what is, trying to push the river, instead of finding a place where it will propel us into new and unexpected possibilities. The 'total you' makeover Keeping life vibrant and fresh means allowing yourself the opportunity to change - your style, your career, your look, your relationships. A 'total you makeover' involves exploring new interests and activities as well as a new 'look'. You must be crazy! My life has been punctuated by people telling me, "You must be crazy!" Re-energize So many people are on a treadmill of 'business'. But in all that whirl of activity, you may be missing key activities that can help you re-energize. Light a spark There's nothing wrong with striving for more - more education, a more fulfilling job, better health, etc. But how you think about your situation has a huge impact on the result. Step into joy Where will you find this magical thing called 'joy' or 'happiness'? Is it in an external situation, or is joy perhaps a state of being that one can hold throughout the journey of life? Self-confidence Your self-image is based on your thoughts. Therefore if you feel that you lack self-confidence, ask yourself, "What are the beliefs and thought patterns that underlie this feeling?" Zen master Ryokan, a Zen master, is without possesions, but he is rich beyond measure and generous without hesitation. Rewrite How often have you wished you would have done something differently? And is this a habitual way of responding - a pattern that you really would like to change? Well, it is possible to change habitual ways of responding. It's gradual, but it's very systematic and, if you're focused and disciplined, it works. Making decisions We often face situations where we have to decide between two mutually exclusive, but equally compelling, options. In this article, I will describe two techniques that can aid in decision making. Decisions Wheels, and The Conference Table. Welcome everything Imagine letting go of the battle. Imagine welcoming all situations and thoughts - allowing them to come and go with neither resistance nor clinging. Imagine there is a vibrant life energy constantly flowing through you, and you just let it flow. Juggling I don't know anyone who is not juggling - work, family, social life, hobbies, etc. The challenge of balancing your time successfully is not trivial. But there are ways to categorize things on your to-do list that can help you prioritize. You are unique There is no need to waste your time trying to be good at things you don't enjoy. Instead, focus on things you love. This is where you will uncover your special gift; and this is where you will truly shine. Just for fun There are things we have to do, and things that we do to reach our long-term goals, and things we feel we should do, and things that we are pressured to do by friends and relatives. But do we ever allow ourselves time to do things that we want to do 'just for fun' - things that appear to serve no purpose whatsoever? Being There are some life changes that you can accomplish simply by following a plan and carrying out a few clearly defined action steps. But often you find that a major obstacle is your habitual way of being. The song "Don't die with the song still in you"... One word Some people use affirmations. I like to use single words, like "Gratitude", "Love", "Peace", "Joy", etc. It's a reminder of how I want to be in any given moment. Signs Do you find yourself confronting the same challenges over and over again? Well, perhaps those challenges are not negative things to be avoided, but important signs to be attended to. Pay attention Have you ever wondered how much you are missing in any given moment? Our senses are being constantly flooded with stimuli, but we are aware of only a very small percent of that information. Your special gift Every one of us has a special gift, and a drive to give that gift to the world. It may take a while to figure out what that gift is, but it is worth the effort because you will never feel truly happy or fulfilled until you are expressing your own special talent. You choose This is it - NOW. It's all you have. And you can choose to or grumble about the past, worry about the future and be miserable OR appreciate and make the most of this moment. Watch your thoughts Watch your thoughts, especially those that go speeding through. They are the saboteurs - old thoughts, childhood stuff, old pain, old fears. Listen to all those mind patterns. They each have a gift as well as a limitation. Trapped If you feel ‘trapped’ in your current situation, there are two realizations that will help you to reclaim your power and ‘escape: (1) You are keeping yourself trapped by focusing on the bars of your prison cell; (2) You can escape by changing your focus. One step When facing a challenging transition, focusing on just the next small step may help to make the journey less daunting. The quest for love Aside from the basic physiological needs (food, shelter and safety), love is one of our fundamental needs, but what is love, really, and where shall you find it?
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