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This section provides selected excerpts from my personal journal over many years. I hope they will serve to inspire you on your own journey. One with all One with all - Glimpses of Nirvana - the feeling of Oneness with all. The river All things are transient Freedom In one of my 'alone' times, conteplations on security and freedom. Past lifetimes A moment's recollection of a past lifetime. Beyond Shadow Work After reading "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" by Debbie Ford, going through all the exercises twice, and after many years of continuing this shadow work, a realization dawned on me that changed my life. Words are always inadeqate to describe this type of expreience, but here is my journal entry. The deeper agenda Living in the moment and following my heart is becoming a way of being. This non-judgmental state of mind is essential in coaching, and even more important is the ability to listen with the intuitive mind and hear the questions that will take the client deeper, to allow them to find their own deeper agenda and then follow the path they were meant to follow.
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