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What do Jane's clients say?

"Coaching, under Jane’s expert guidance, gave me the tools I needed to do something that I have been afraid to do for years. The biggest take-away was that her questions allowed me to discover my own inner wisdom, which allowed me to see who I am and who I want to be. The greatest realization of all: I can be anything I want to be.  Absolutely anything. I have accomplished more in a few coaching sessions and have acquired more tools in a few hours with Jane than I did in months of counseling.
--- Jill M., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Working with Jane helped me develop a keen focus for my developing company. Her calm manner and insightful questioning led me along a path that continues today. I still apply the techniques she introduced me to. I would heartily recommend working with Jane if you are interested in exploring personal and professional business growth and are committed to the work required to make your dreams come true. Thank you Jane! You've changed my life!"
--- Rebecca Lyn Cragg, B.A.H., M.A., B.Ed.
--- Founder & President, Camellia Teas of Ottawa  (

"Jane is an excellent life coach and has the ability to help you see things for what they are and guide you on a path to achieve your goals. The best part of the exercise is that I did all of the work which made me want to achieve my goals that much more. The result was the confidence to embark on a new career for me in something that I truly enjoyed doing. Jane is truly in her element as a life coach. Thank you!!"
--- Mark Schrader,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"This coaching approach is working very well for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with any part of their work or personal life. It really helps anchor you so you feel in control. My coaching sessions were invaluable to me during my transition from my old job to my new one."
--- Kim N., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so much, Jane, for helping me develop the confidence and courage to make this major change in my life. I feel truer to myself and happier each day!"
--- Wendy R., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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